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In order to have a beautiful wedding, you must start with beautiful people. Loved people. Kind-hearted, genuine, others-focused, “I-believe-in-love” people. Friends, this was a beautiful wedding. Max and Kelsey are solid gold. They are rich in friends and laughter, family and generations, and they complement one another as only they were designed to do. I still don’t have words for how deeply grateful I am to have been involved in the day they became Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler.

16_09_wheeler_01Here’s our gorgeous bride, with her mom and sister working on those buttons. Remember Mikaela? Of course you do. :) I photographed her wedding last year, and she got ready in this exact same room! 16_09_wheeler_02This dress! I cannot get over its details or the perfect flow of that tulle skirt. It’s straight out of a dream and 100% perfect on her.16_09_wheeler_03 16_09_wheeler_04 Isn’t she just stunning?!!! I could photograph this redheaded, freckled, dimpled beauty for days.
16_09_wheeler_05 16_09_wheeler_06 Hey, Max!!!! You’re about to see your almost-wife! In case you guys are wondering, he actually always looks this dapper. Proof: their engagement session.
16_09_wheeler_07 16_09_wheeler_08 16_09_wheeler_09 This moment was just so dang perfect.16_09_wheeler_10 16_09_wheeler_11 16_09_wheeler_12 These two have been together since high school, and they still look at each other like this. I mean, it’s like two walking heart-eye emojis. All the time! I think you guys made an amazing decision to get married. ;)16_09_wheeler_13 16_09_wheeler_1416_09_wheeler_15 16_09_wheeler_16 One of my favorites from the entire day.16_09_wheeler_17 Veil movement: A+!16_09_wheeler_18 16_09_wheeler_19 Meet the fabulous wedding party! This crew…16_09_wheeler_20They did not let up all day.
16_09_wheeler_21I mean, c’mon. They’re so dang fun! And the groomsman on the right? Spoiler: he doubled as the officiant. AWESOME.16_09_wheeler_22This is Max’s twin sister and their older brother. I don’t have to know them all that well to know that this photo says a lot about them.
16_09_wheeler_52Ladies!16_09_wheeler_2316_09_wheeler_2416_09_wheeler_53 Both of Kelsey’s parents walked her down the aisle, and I have never seen such sweet moments between a mother and daughter. Chris, you have raised such lovely ladies!
16_09_wheeler_25 16_09_wheeler_26 Their ceremony was filled with amazing personal touches. Max is a woodworker and built (yeah, BUILT) that arbor (!) and handmade this box. They dropped letters into it along with notes from their guests and sealed it as a time capsule to open on their tenth anniversary. 16_09_wheeler_27 16_09_wheeler_28 They are MARRIED!16_09_wheeler_29 And then it was party time!16_09_wheeler_30 16_09_wheeler_31 16_09_wheeler_32 16_09_wheeler_33 16_09_wheeler_34Max’s brother and Kelsey’s sister amped up the toasts with a video they made of tons of their loved ones describing them, their relationship, offering advice, sharing stories, and it was the highlight of the reception. Everyone was laughing so hard – it was incredible.16_09_wheeler_35 16_09_wheeler_36 16_09_wheeler_37 16_09_wheeler_38 We snuck outside before the dance got underway to grab a few last photos as the sun faded away.16_09_wheeler_4916_09_wheeler_5116_09_wheeler_5016_09_wheeler_39 16_09_wheeler_40 16_09_wheeler_4116_09_wheeler_4316_09_wheeler_4216_09_wheeler_44 16_09_wheeler_45 16_09_wheeler_46 16_09_wheeler_4716_09_wheeler_48

A thousand congratulations to you, Max and Kelsey! I’m so pumped to see what adventures married life takes you on. I know you will enjoy this brand new season to the fullest!

Brides Dress: Ellynne Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses: After Six

20 thoughts on “max + kelsey | lincoln ne wedding photographer

  1. WOAH WOAH WOAH. I LOVE her dress! It fits her so well and it is just stunning. You captured so many great smiles and moments. Love this wedding!

  2. This gorgeous bride with her beautiful red hair and the groom’s adorable green bowtie?! They pair so well together! And that movement veil shot is just incredible. + the BW one of the two dancing. O.M.G. PLEASE tell me they’re framing those!! !

  3. Woah. The sweet awesome details of this wedding are perfect! Love the box idea with the letters from them and their guests for a 10 year anniversary reveal. So lovely!

  4. Ohhhhhhh that black and white hug!!!! Blow that beauty up : ) That dress, and the flowers, and their gigantic beautifully beaming smiles – what a fun wedding day that you capture beautifully!!

  5. Her dress!! Her shoes!!! And wears them perfectly :) They are a stunning couple! And their wedding is just beautiful! Great job on these Jenny!!! xoxo

  6. Oh my gosh, so.many.favorites!!! Not only does it look SUPER fun, but you captured how real and beautiful it was too. SUCH a great job! And I am obsessed with her shoes!

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  7. Jenny!!!!!! These are fantastic! Those shoes, that ring, that dress! and that was just first few photographs! Gorgeous lady, gorgeous!

  8. Love all of these images! The very first shoe shot down the the groomsmen holding the bouquets and jumping (FUN) and the final image with the selfie stick! What an amazing fun wedding!!! great job friend!

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