andrew & mikaela


A few weeks ago, on a gorgeous day in June, Andrew & Mikaela became Mr. & Mrs.! These two individuals are so genuinely warm, kind, relaxed, and true-to-themselves, and it showed throughout their day. Their wedding was classic, elegant, and warm-hearted – a perfect reflection of their personalities and relationship. I loved every second, especially seeing these two smothered in celebration by their amazing friends and family.
15_07_buettner_01 15_07_buettner_02 15_07_buettner_03 15_07_buettner_04 I love Mothers-of-the-Bride whose smiles bubble over throughout what can be a busy, whirlwind of a day. Chris was like that – just so happy for Mikaela, and taking it all in. Beautiful!15_07_buettner_05 When I first met Mikaela, she told me she wanted a photographer who could make things feel natural, because in her words, “We’re not models.” Well, Mikaela…I beg to differ!!!15_07_buettner_06 Mikaela, you are what makes that dress so stunning. You’re gorgeous!15_07_buettner_07 Pure joy during their first look.15_07_buettner_08 15_07_buettner_09 15_07_buettner_10 This is one of my favorites from the day. She adores him, and he makes her laugh. 🙂15_07_buettner_11 15_07_buettner_12 15_07_buettner_13 That’s one good-lookin’ wedding party! Not to mention, they were FUN, and most of them proved they could handle a golf-cart. 😉15_07_buettner_14 15_07_buettner_1515_07_buettner_16This girl wins at the whole cute flower girl thing. She was perfect! 15_07_buettner_17 15_07_buettner_18 15_07_buettner_19 Their ceremony was outside, surrounded by beautiful trees, and proved the weatherman wrong with sunny skies!15_07_buettner_20 15_07_buettner_21 15_07_buettner_22 15_07_buettner_23 15_07_buettner_24 15_07_buettner_25 Finally husband and wife, and looking pretty happy about it. These are the best moments of a wedding day, right after it becomes official.15_07_buettner_26 15_07_buettner_27 15_07_buettner_28 This is pretty much the way to go with wedding cake. An entire table of Nothing Bundt Cakes. Sooooo good!
15_07_buettner_29 15_07_buettner_30 15_07_buettner_31 15_07_buettner_32 Aaaand, the dance. Every single person on this floor knew how to bust a move. Including Mikaela’s grandparents! Keep your eyes peeled a few images down…15_07_buettner_33 15_07_buettner_34 15_07_buettner_35 15_07_buettner_36 15_07_buettner_37 15_07_buettner_38 15_07_buettner_39 Congratulations, Andrew & Mikaela! I loved being a part of your day so much, and am so grateful you shared it with me. Cheers to the next chapter of your lives together!!!15_07_buettner_40

Ceremony and reception location: Hillcrest Country Club