andy & alison


Being around Andy and Alison makes me SO excited about all the good, good, good things that blossom in marriage. Love, sure, but also firm respect, a constant mutual encouragement, and the deepest friendship imaginable. You two are in for the best adventure of your lives, and it’s already off to such a sweet start!
IMG_0827 I wanted to live in this greenhouse after we got done shooting here. It did my can’t-wait-for-summer heart good! I love the magical combination of perfect light and a perfect couple.IMG_0765 Cuuuuuuuute, you guys.
IMG_0955IMG_0711 I know it doesn’t look it, but this day was very typically “March in Nebraska” (i.e. cold and windy). And when that’s the case, we pose for design + practicality. It didn’t take much extra suggesting to get them to cuddle close. 🙂 But I will say that wind in Alison’s hair is worth a little shivering!
IMG_1086 IMG_1250IMG_1410For as much fun as these two have, they have an awesome depth to their relationship. This image on the left was taken during the best moment. Beautifully romantic things were being said, and it is without a doubt my favorite. 😀IMG_1458IMG_1167 IMG_1567IMG_1549
Thank you Andy & Alison, for the best session and for being so dang cute. If I didn’t already have a thousand reasons to look forward to July, now I have another great one! Cheers!