brad & elise


Sometimes starting a blog post about the amazing people I’ve gotten to spend time with, making photographic magic happen, is terribly daunting. How do I possibly condense everything I want to say about these souls into a few lines of text? I guess that’s not my job, but I’ll do my best to do justice to my friends in these photos with the limited space I have. Thank goodness photographs speak, too.
These two. Brad + Elise. They met in South Africa, during a three week overlap of their two separate missions teams. They are getting married on Saturday. God has woven their lives together through the most unique circumstances, as only He can, and this weekend that’s gonna be celebrated in an incredible way. I cannot wait!
16_10_henke_01 In describing each other, they both use the word “kind” a lot, and it’s so appropriate. You can see kindness pour from both of their smiles, actions, words and attitudes.16_10_henke_02 16_10_henke_03 16_10_henke_04 16_10_henke_05This session took place after they’d been apart for about two weeks. Brad flew into town in the afternoon. I highly recommend taking engagement photos after a reunion like that. They were just a *little* excited to see each other! 16_10_henke_06 Mmmm my favorite.16_10_henke_07 16_10_henke_08 16_10_henke_09 When I heard about how Brad proposed to Elise, I knew we had to visit this spot for photos. This giant fallen tree lies just off a local bike trail, and is a spot they’ve explored a few times throughout their relationship. Brad went to great lengths to propose here and spent two days clearing a path to it, laying down strips of bark so it wouldn’t be muddy, hanging a swing…it’s nothing short of amazing. 16_10_henke_10 The swing was still there and plants had grown up over the bark floor Brad made.16_10_henke_11 16_10_henke_12 16_10_henke_13 16_10_henke_14 16_10_henke_15
Brad & Elise, I am honored and on a total excitement high to capture the day you become husband and wife! You are so wonderful together. Let’s do this!