9 months

A few weeks back, my little lady turned 9 months old! That little milestone had me thinking so much about her independence. For 9 months, she was inside me, depending on me in the most natural, basic ways, and I was constantly and involuntarily meeting those little needs with every breath. I loved having her with me all the time, wherever I went. Now in addition to that season, we’ve had 9 months of seeing one another and being together in a different, less constant way. There is a separation that is necessary for her growth and independence, and she is not defined by me anymore. I still get to meet her needs, but now I have an awareness of them and have to set myself aside to serve her and that is so good for me. I’m surely grateful for the season we spent necessarily tied together, but I’m overjoyed to see what she can do on her own. She is a wonder in every sense of the word.