black vs. black black

I am a bit particular about colors. Obviously. I love the exterior of our house, but something has bothered me about it since we first looked at the pictures of it on the realtor’s website. It just doesn’t have any pop. I have always felt like it needs something, but didn’t know what. Color? Maybe, but what looks classy and timeless and where do you put it? Slowly, I’ve had a plan formulating in my mind, and it started with the most basic and obvious. I liked the black shutters, but they’re just black and I wanted black black. In fact, on top of being a bit faded, it appeared they had undergone a power-washing of the siding and came out with a few battle-scars.

So when my parents were in town for Labor Day and asked to be put to work around the house, I charged my dad with this super-duper fun task: pull all those shutters down, spray paint, and replace. It seemed simple in my mind, but as we’re learning, no home improvement task fits that bill. They’re all just a bit more than you bargain for. So mom and I “found other important jobs to do” while David and my dad tackled this one.

Aw, gee, thanks Dad. That looks like it might make your finger tired and your back hurt and maybe make you a little high lightheaded. Thanks again!

Ok, now everyone make sure you ooh and ahh in the comment section to make sure my men know how completely awesome of a job they did. Woohoo! Black black!