10 months

She is ten months old! We’re having so much fun with her. My favorite thing lately is watching her learn things I would not have imagined happening already. She is mimicking us, and you can see her little wheels turning. I’ve added brushing her hair and brushing her teeth to the bedtime routine we try to follow with her. I was surprised when I let her have the little hairbrush after I was done, and she reached back with it and started running it along the side of her head. What?! She then wanted to hold the toothbrush while we brushed her four little teeth. Such a little thing, but it made my heart swell – I’m so proud of her. We laughed though, when the next night, as I was showing David her new skills, I realized she has yet to realize the uniqueness of each brush – hairbrush went in the mouth after finishing it’s work, and she may or may not have gotten toothpaste in her hair. 🙂 Happy to be in this stage with her.

With her daddy on Father’s Day.