the orton family

Any day I get to share my family members in this space is a good one! My cute nephews, darling niece, fun brother-in-law and devoted sister are back!!!

I’ve photographed this kid a whole bunch, and every time has been wildly different. Makes sense, right? They change quite a bit in a year, and with my nieces and nephews especially, our relationship also has a whole new layer on it. I can’t believe how insanely grown up Will looks in these. He’s closing in on that stage when I can start to make out what his senior photos will look like in my mind. Ohhh, how I hope I get to take those!

On a whim, we decided to do this session in our hometown while we visited for the 4th of July. It was so fun to have an excuse to explore those familiar streets for the purpose of photos.

Maryn is a magnet for my camera. She’s so striking and so individualistic! She always has opinions on how she wants to be (and not to be) photographed, and I try my best to accommodate. 🙂

And then there’s this absolute cutie pie. He’s got more mischief coursing through his body than I can describe, and I love him fiercely. Levi is fully occupying the persona you’d expect from a three-year-old boy. His grin is my favorite, and he was so kind as to flash it for .000001 seconds here. Thanks, buddy! Your mom and I appreciate it.

Did you think I only took “nice” portraits of this crew? If my job is to document who people are, then this collection would be incomplete without silly faces and crinkly noses.

I love a good boldly colored door or wall. Duh. This green one was a very happy find!

These kids reached their limit taking photos downtown, but they rallied for a second location, and it was perfection. I love these last three photos with all my heart.

I love you, beautiful family. Thanks for being you!