the olson family

Everybody’s just so happy at the Olson home. Theo has arrived!

It’s one of my favorite things to witness new parents doing their thing. Katie and Max have stepped into the roles beautifully, of course. Theo is in for a lifetime of being loved on by these two.

Let’s revisit this one in a few years and see how much of Theo’s personality is tucked in this photo. 🙂 His dad warned me that his eyes were magical, and it’s totally true.

Oh hey, Charlie! 😀 Their sweet pup is still adjusting to Theo’s presence. I don’t think she has any idea how much fun is in store.

I love this image. Theo found his happy spot, and Max is just such a proud pop.

This sweet boy is just so HANDSOME! He was all bright-eyed and curious for a few minutes in between really wanting his pacifier. I can’t handle his expressions. He’s the sweetest.

That yawn. 😉

I’m truly so excited that Katie is this boy’s mom and that there’s nothing on her schedule for the coming weeks but to snuggle him to pieces.

Max and Katie, thank you so much for this peek into your new normal! I hope every minute of this wild ride as a new family of three draws you all closer and brings you new heights of joy.