the schöche family

This blog has been the happy home of a whole lot of newborn photographs lately, and it’s never been cuter. Sophia, this cuddly, adored beauty has arrived, and she was so worth the wait.

This babe is going to have serious style. It’s in her genes! She’s perfect.

On the left, Erika is looking like she’s been a mother forever, when in reality it had been a number of days. Her love for Sophia is breathtaking. On the right, I just want to high five all the babies who give me a solid yawn to photograph.

New dads! They’re a special kind of magic. Stefan is just leaking happiness wherever he goes.

Sophia’s eyes and the line of her chin are my favorites of her features. This lady has a fire in her, and some strong opinions to serve her well in life, but I have no doubt her sugary sweetness is going to be her shining glory. I so badly want a glimpse of her at age 4 right now. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit…

Stefan & Erika, I have so much happiness for you. Your family of three is dynamite and I am so thankful you shared beautiful snippets of this momentous year with me. Thank you!