the cordell family

It was pure joy to have these cuties back for photos this year. They may as well be adults, now, and sister dynamics are basically my favorite thing ever. We had a fun time!

Sienna is just striking! Her style, personality, pixie cut (heck yeah!) and dimples are the best combo. She’s also very poised, respectful and generally delightful. You can see where she gets it – the whole family is wonderful!

Girls, please be best friends forever, no matter what. Forever, and ever, and ever. I know you may not always be feeling that vibe, but just do it. OK?

Ayla showed up more than ready to lay all her personality out on the table and just embrace the heck out of being photographed. She’s certainly not short on personality, and I am pretty sure her smile is made of sunshine.

Almost entirely unprompted! I love it.

I love that Kara and Gabe adventure, play and laugh with their kids. You can see the depth of relationship in their smiles, and it simply spreads happiness. You guys are doing life a great way.

I loved my time with you guys! Thank you so much for your authenticity and rolling with my many weird ideas. You’re the best.