the stephan family

welcome, jonah!

The newest, coolest sibling duo on the block has arrived, my friends! Buckle up, because there’s a lot of love to take in with this post. I’d like to introduce you to Jonah. This wide-eyed, sweet, curious boy was welcomed by his wonderful parents and his spunky, smart, attentive big sister. They all seem to be having a real good time learning the ropes of a family of four.

Zoe is happy to be this close to her brother’s face much of the time. He LOVES it and just returns her affection with stares of intense interest. They’re simply fascinated by one another, and it’s so dang cute.

Speaking of Zoe, she is sweeter than strawberry ice cream. Truly.

He’s pretty much perfect, and his mama thinks so, too. Ashley, you’re handling two like a boss, which comes as no surprise. 🙂

I had a delightful time hanging out with Zoe. She’s an incredibly proud big sister, and that new title is such a big one! It is full of fun and responsibility and tenderness and loyalty. I’m guessing she’s already got a list of things to teach Jonah, and I hope they’re besties for life.

When your November newborn session is on a gorgeous day, you take advantage and get outside!

Congratulations on your awesome little guy, Stephan family, and on being a super adorable family. 😉 Thanks for sharing your joy with me!