the hunke family

Before you begin scrolling through this session, take a moment to prepare your eyes for cuteness. There are really high amounts of it and you may appreciate the warning. Ready? Great. Let’s go!

Maximus is a handsome, curious, wild three-year-old, and sweet, mover-and-shaker Graycen recently celebrated her first birthday. They are quite the duo, and have personality for days.

Graycen loves to dance. By that I mean, I have NEVER seen a baby girl move to the beat like her. In the above photo, she was in Taylor Swift heaven, thanks to dad’s phone, and here, I think she was wondering what was next on the playlist. She simply came alive listening to her jams.

Hey, girl, there’s that beat again! This little lady is pretty much always ready to go. Her sweetness is almost too much.

I first photographed Max as a one-year-old, and he has grown up so very much in two years. His faces are just the best (who could ever say no to that grin?) and seeing him in big brother mode now that Graycen can hold her own is perfection. In short: he’s awesome.

Miles and Tara complement one another so well. It is always a treat to spend time with their family and that’s largely because of the tone they set with their personalities and good humor. They are fun, relaxed, and clearly show their love for each member of their family.

Is he three? Or fifteen? Hard to tell!

On the left: one of my favorites of the night. We were almost done, and the kids were over it, but hanging in there, and Miles and Tara are still laughing. Priceless. On the right: every single father needs a photo of their daughter looking at them this way. Miles, she’s enamored with you!

This is what a real sibling hug looks like. đŸ˜€

This evening spent with you was a treat, Hunke fam! I can’t wait until next time!