the harlow family

I have yet to see this beautiful family at anything but full strength energy! You’ll see exactly what I mean as you browse their gorgeous faces. I love, love, love me a fun family session!

These four have grown up big time since I first started photographing them three years ago. If you hop back and forth between those two sessions, it seems like at least six years must have passed. Yikes!

While everybody looks a whole lot different, their personalities are exactly the same. Exactly. And because they are so authentic, and bring their whole selves to photo sessions, those personalities shine right through these images. Sweet Ezra is all fun and giggles. He can hardly be bothered to stop having all the fun in the world to look at my camera, so he gives me amazing practice at my sharpshooter skills. Buddy, you’re so much fun.

Lydia, I think you’ll be a grown adult next year. Right? You are such a beauty, and a calm, comforting, encouraging presence in the midst of your brothers. Clearly, they adore you, and rightly so. You are simply delightful!

My obvious favorite!

I am pretty sure I say this every time I blog this crew, but Tyson is so much fun to photograph! He loves it, and is completely on board with any little thing I ask him to do – he’s just a dream of a kiddo. And that smile?! The best. I see a lot of his dad in him – go with the flow, helpful, kind and always ready to have fun!

Connor is a fierce, good-humored second-born, and he keeps you on your toes! I love his mischievous grin – another constant in this family’s dynamics. He is creative, competitive, affectionate, and genuine.

It’s abundantly clear how closely bonded this family is. They truly delight in each other. I can only imagine how much influence they have on one another’s character and personality. Anyone lucky enough to have a bunch of siblings knows there is just no substitute for them!

Like I said, they bring the ENERGY! Can you feel it? 🙂

The best thing about Seth and Liz is their laughter. They seem to be able to laugh no matter the situation, and those kids are dang lucky to have parents who can roll with the punches so easily.

Gosh, I just love you, Harlows! Thank you x100 for bringing so much laughter and authentic personality to the table every single time!