the duncan family

This wonderful family is patiently waiting to meet the best part of their year, and it won’t be long now! Their baby girl couldn’t have a sweeter crew to welcome her. Sisters Audrey and Ella are primed and ready to add another kiddo to the party they already have going on. 😀

There’s something so sweet about family maternity sessions. You can feel a sweetness in the savoring of everything just as it is. Everyone’s holding onto time before change comes, but the change is so exciting that you can’t help but be eager for it. I love being with expectant families before and after the shift. Two things I don’t anticipate changing for these ones: Audrey’s sparkly smile and Ella’s spunk!

Ella – you are just sweet as can be, and girl, you know how to flash your cutest smile in the space of a millisecond before you’re off on your next adventure! It pays to be quick! Meanwhile, Meghan and Brett, you look lost in time in this image on the right. Beautiful!

I’m 90% sure Ella was trying to take a bite in the area of her baby sis, and I just felt it needed to be documented. 🙂

Ladies, you’re all three so lovely!

Per mama’s request, we finished with ice cream, because it’s ALWAYS a good idea. See you soon, Duncans +1 – and I cannot wait!