class of 2021

It seems like the perfect day to post photos of this breathtaking sweetheart of a senior! Reagan, I’m so excited for you to kick off this milestone year. YOU’RE A SENIOR!!!

Color + sunshine + art + nature + happiness. Alllll these things flow seamlessly together with Reagan’s personality.

Reagan’s smile is perfection. It just shines and sparkles and invites you into her kindness.

I embraced flowers like it was my job throughout this session, and I’m not at all sorry about it. I mean, I guess that is my job. 😀 I couldn’t get enough floral into these shots! Reagan just belongs with them.

We were having fun even before she pulled out the most perfect hat. 🙂 I LOVE how much fun she had with this classic bit of ingenue style. It was the happiest coincidence ever that we had planned to stop at one of my favorite sculptures for these photos. I can’t get over the visual combo. These next few images are my absolute favorites!

Pure sunshine! And more flowers, of course.

Reagan, you are truly lovely inside and out. I hope your senior year is a wonderful end to this chapter and a great send-off into the next one!