class of 2021

Ooooooh I’m so excited about these photos, but most importantly – this GIRL! Haley’s a senior and she is more than ready to tackle the weirdness of finishing high school amidst a pandemic. She’s got all the grit and determination she’ll need. I’ve known her for just enough of her younger years to be wowed by her poise, maturity and confidence as she heads into this milestone year.

Did I mention she’s incredibly gorgeous??? Holy smokes, Haley! Seriously, I had the most fun ever taking photos of you.

Class of 2021! If you know me or my photos, you know I love all the numbers, lines & geometric eye candy I can get my hands on. 😉

This full-of-laughter smile is totally Haley. She has the best laugh – the kind that’s contagious and contains an equal mix of humility and self-confidence. She’s a delight to be around.

Insider secret: most of the photos of her looking to the side are shots where she was laughing with her wonderful mom (my dear, very best Nicki!). Haley’s expression would just light up and her most genuine smile would come out. I love that these contain that peek into her relationship with her mama.

After having our fun running around downtown in a heat advisory (I know, you couldn’t tell from the looks of this beauty, but this day was a HOT one), we headed for the prairie. It was beautiful and a perfect parallel for Haley’s personality.

On the left – woah! That’s some serious beauty. On the right – the fun lover. Both so wonderfully her.

My favorites aren’t often black and white, but in this case…

Haley, you are sweet as they come, and one heck of an impressive lady. I am so excited for your year and the things you’re setting out to accomplish. I know everyone who knows you is so proud of you and cheering you on through all the unknowns to come. Have an incredible senior year! Congratulations, girl!