the patel family

welcome kayden!

It never gets old – or any less magical – to meet a brand new baby. To study and document the details that are engrained in every parent’s mind, but also become impossibly hazy. It just always feels sacred, and it was no less than that with this cutie. Say hello to Kayden!

He was perfectly snoozy, and seriously beautiful.

I love his little wave! Big brother Kian was the other star of the show. 😉

Kian, you are THE best big brother. How is it possible you’re new at this gig? You seem like an old pro.

Big & little.

Kian was somehow equal parts wild and gentle with Kayden, and I think that’s the perfect representation of a big brother. Someone has to show you the ropes, right?

Kayden, welcome to this world – you are wonderful!!!