the memming family

Seeing these beloved faces in person gave me LIFE! As a blog reader, you’ll have to settle for the experience digitally, but I think the cute factor of this family still makes it a 10. This crew has been around these parts before, and they’re an absolute joy every time. We stayed in their beautiful backyard, and it was intimate, relaxed and an awesome view of them in their element.

The last time I saw Theo, he was only a few weeks old. Needless to say, he has changed so much! He’s growing into the cutest, curly-haired, full-throttle little boy. His five-year-old counterpart has grown up considerably, but hasn’t changed quite so much as her brother. She’s as sweet, ladylike, and hilarious as I remember her. 🙂

We played for just a bit with their sweet pup, and he’s just the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen.

These two ladies have the best relationship. Sylvie simply adores her mama, for good reason, and Meghan’s mothering of her is BEAUTIFUL. I love watching them together. And it’s totally worth noting that the hair envy I have for both of them is real. Very real.

Theo, how could anyone ever say no to you???

I love front porch pictures. They always ring of a deep sense of belonging in my opinion, and even though the conditions were less than ideal and poor Theo was super tired, we snuck this one in at the end of our session and I’m sure glad we did. It’s one of my favorites of the night!

Brandon & Meghan, you guys simply go together perfectly.

It’s always a pleasure, Memmings! I hope you see all the love in these images that I see between the four of you. Cheers!