the loethen family

Caroline: 12 months

Over the past year, a special highlight to my sometimes frantic schedule has been the First Year Sessions with this incredible family. I have loved checking in every few months to see Caroline’s newest tricks and skills, and simultaneously seeing Anne and John solidify their new titles of Mom and Dad over their first year with their sweet girl. It’s just been a joy.

Caroline is doused in love from these two like every five minutes. 😀 You have a good thing going on, girl!

Their version of “horsey” is the best I’ve ever seen, and clearly Caroline adores it. John has perfected the giddyup and it’s all in the wrist flick. 😉 She loves her daddy so much…

…and it’s mutual. #girldad

That dimple couldn’t be more perfect.

To say I’m going to miss seeing you on a regular basis is an understatement, Loethens! Thank you so much for sharing your family with me. Until next time – I can’t wait to see what wonderful things you will all be up to then!