the kaiser family

Energy and cuteness levels were maxed out in this family’s session – can you tell??? In honor of little Whitney’s first birthday, I was delighted to hang out at home with the Kaisers and snap the moments that make their life so sweet. There were plenty.

Will has amazing energy that I’m sure brings out all sorts of fun and encourages his parents to get a good night’s sleep each night. 🙂 He is so passionate and playful, and an adoring big brother to Whitney.

Speaking of Whitney, watch out – she’s the kind of sweetheart that makes you want to expand your own family. She’s so squishy, so happy and so chill. Just the kind of girl you want to hang out with! Sammi, her sweet mama, is a friend I’ve known since college and it’s so special to see her loving on these kids of hers. She’s an incredible mother.

Sibling dynamics crack me up. Each set is absolutely unique and complex and beautiful. I think these two are going to be close, comfortable friends who love to be around one another.

Steven is the source of much of these kids’ fun, as you can see. I love the smile they bring to his face – pure delight.

I think I actually gasped when I snuck a peak at this image on the back of my camera. I hope it will be a favorite of Will’s as he grows up and looks back to see exactly what it was like to be three and a half, completely carefree and just playing with dad.

Sweet, sweet family!

After most of our photos, Whitney had earned her birthday cupcake. Goodness, I loved documenting this messy, wonderful ritual!

She nailed it, and I’m pretty sure is Team Cupcake for life. 😀 Sammi and Steven, I’m so grateful for this afternoon with your crew!