the harlow family

These DARLING kids each have such unique personalities and keep me in stitches every time I photograph them. They are pure sweetness with a huge side of fun.

Oh, Connor, I’m so glad you didn’t forget your personality at home!

They have changed a ton since last year! Most notably, Miss Lydia is practically a teenager. She has such a calm about her and is always so graceful. Tyson is the happiest child around, and I love his sweet smile. He’s goofy and always completely happy to have his photo taken. High fives, Tyson!

Liz & Seth, your family is BEAUTIFUL.

Connor thought he was getting away with something by eating his snack during his turn for a portrait. But somehow he just looks super grown up. Works for me!

Ezra may be the most comedic of them all (what do you think, Connor??), but in a sort of unsuspecting way that sneaks up on you. He’s super curious and observant of all the antics of his older siblings, and also very go-with-the-flow.

Every single session, these boys have made their dad perform some silly and physically unreasonable task. Seth always delivers!

I love this mother-daughter photo!!!

It’s always such a blast, Harlows! Can’t wait to see you again!