the orton family

It’s my NIECE & NEPHEWS! I honestly adore all the families I photograph so much, but having my sister’s family on the blog? Next level excitement!!!

Yes, they are every bit as spunky and mischievous and sweet and cute as they appear in this photo.

It’s been a couple years since I last photographed these cuties, and the change since last time is nuts. First we have Maryn June – pretty as a peach. She’s leaving that little kid phase behind right before our eyes, and she keeps you on your toes. I’d describe her as a passionate firecracker blended with sweet cotton candy. Or something close to that.

Levi. Ohhhh this kid’s smile will melt you on the spot. He’s got my unending love for life since we’re birthday buddies, and I think we’ll all shed a few tears if his curls don’t stay past toddlerhood. Just like his older siblings, he attacks life with gusto, and every single thing he does is followed up by this award-winning grin.

Last, but certainly not least, is Will. Watching him grow up (very closely alongside my oldest who is just a few months younger) is a gift. He is not on an adventure – he is an adventure. A wild, sweet one, too.

The personalities are shining bright in this image!

They looooove my jokes! 😀

These two = quite the pair. I see so much of Steve in Will, who obviously thinks the world of his dad.

There’s so much happy & fun in this family. When people ask where I’m from, my story inevitably includes the fact that though I’m not in the same state as most of my family, my sister’s fam is THANKFULLY here in the same city. I’m grateful for that fact week in and week out, since I get to witness her as a mom up close.

Favorite (obviously).

Couldn’t be cuter if they tried! Thanks sis, for hauling your kiddos about with me to have a day of photos. It filled me up like you don’t even know. 😉