the mattern family

I have to confess that with a name like Edie, I knew from her mama’s very first email I was gonna like this sweetheart of a baby! Sometimes names are just a dead giveaway for greatness. She certainly did not disappoint!

There is a crazy amount of personality in this girl’s tiny body. She is a sucker for her dad, and snuggly with her mom, and just all-around a real doll.

Her parents are pretty smitten with her, too. 🙂

Allison and Kevin almost match Edie for cuteness. Sorry, Kevin, but it’s true! The whole family just exudes happiness and they make each other laugh the best laughs.

Edie is nearing her first birthday, which means she is BUSY. Babies’ agendas don’t slow down for photo sessions, so you’ve got to be on your game to stop time and freeze their amazingness while keeping them in a happy zone and not causing a meltdown. With every single session, I truly love this challenge. Bring it on, babies – I’m so ready for you. 😀

She can stand, AND clap, and she’s so proud of herself!!

My favorite of the fam (because of Allison’s expression, of course)…

…and my favorite of Edie! She’s so bright-eyed and curious.

That’s a sweet, love-filled wrap, friends! Until next time, Mattern crew. Enjoy that delightful baby girl of yours!