the hunke family

Baby Graycen is here! I had the pleasure of peeking in on this family’s first few days as a family of four. It never gets old seeing the sweetest tiny humans in all their newness.

Maximus is testing out his new role and he had all the curiosity and tenderness toward his new sister. She’s in the best hands. I can’t imagine the dynamics their relationship will have someday.

She’s a knockout beauty just like her mama. Just a teeny teeny tiny version of her!

Oh, hi, baby girl!

Tara is the picture of contentment with Miles & Maximus going bananas next to her, while she soaks up everything perfect about Graycen from her new baby smell to her little fists. It’s good to be the mom. 😉

There’s something so mesmerizing about Graycen’s eyes, and I’m predicting that’ll be one of her defining features her whole life. Just sayin’.

My favorite thing about parents with their second-borns is how their veteran confidence shows in the way they hold their babies. It’s so familiar and natural and kind of magical.

I love how she looks tiny and mighty at the same time!

Miles & Tara – keep doing all the things you’re doing, because it sure gives off a good vibe. Thank you so much for sharing your fam with me during this sweet season, and congratulations on Miss Graycen!