the freudenburg family

Welcome to the blog, Christine & Kevin! These two and their adorable kiddos charmed me right up at their family session. Prepare your heart for lots of small child cuteness.

This is Charlie! I cannot get over his stunning blue eyes.

He’s happy and chill, and made a quick friend out of me! I mean, suspenders, stripes and his grin? Game over.

This is his darling big sister Gillian, and if you’re around her for the space of at least 30 seconds, she’ll have you laughing. I love her fantastic sprout of blonde hair and her very very very silly and spunky personality.

I think these two are plotting to be thick as thieves the rest of their lives.

Charlie!!! He’s looking so much like Dad on the right.

Gilli has the sweetest soft spot for her mama.

I could probably do a whole post of Charlie’s amazing smiles. Cutie!

Christine – woah! – the image on the right is my favorite of you. You are stunning!

It was so good to catch this glimpse into your family, Freudenburgs! Thanks for being so chill and so you. 🙂