the dexter family

My time with this crew was far too short. I miss these college friends of mine so much, but even if it’s just for an hour, it sure is fun to see them parent these three awesome kiddos!

I’ve spent photo time with both big sisters, but this was the first time I’ve photographed little bro Silas. Can you guess my favorite little thing he does? That tongue just couldn’t keep hidden for long. 🙂

These two have grown way, WAY up since I last saw them. They are the sweetest little ladies and they have distinct personalities and senses of humor. I love the ways their differences jive with one another. They’re just perfectly complementary.

He’s a ham. And a mama lover, for sure!

Brad and Silas are literally a match made in heaven. I’m so glad Brad gets to be mirrored in a little guy. It’s for the general good of the planet, people. Trust me.

And then there’s Ruby! I tried playing “Don’t Smile” with this hilarious girl, but dang – she’s got a straight face that will not budge! She’s got stamina and will make a great bargainer, I’m sure. Add to that, she has the cutest little face EVER. Can you tell I like her?

Eva – tender, sweet-hearted Eva – she also destroyed me at “Don’t Smile”, but offered up a conciliatory grin after I awarded her the win. It was very worth it. I love that teeth-coming-in smile!

Pro tip – if you ask to finish our session with any kind of treat, beverage or dessert, I don’t say no!

Sometimes that decision yields the world’s cutest steamer mustache (and consequently my favorite pic of the night).

Thank you so much Brad & Steph for sharing these littles with me once again. I adore them and see all your gracious, beautiful parenting at work in them. Much love to all five of you!