class of 2020

This is Ben. Everybody say, “Hiiiii, Ben!” He is ready to graduate this spring! We ran around taking his senior photos the other night, and I came away so impressed by him. He is quiet, confident, direct, poised and thoughtful. I don’t get to hang out with a lot of seniors, but if the world has Ben & others like him coming up in the ranks, I’m feeling pretty good about it. 🙂

The last time I photographed Ben with his family a number of years ago, his sense of humor was what I noticed most about him. While that has stuck with him, I think, he strikes me now as an observer and listener. It takes someone with a lot of inner security and humility to actively listen to others, and I just think that describes Ben.

Favorite on the right!

Ben, I wish you the best on your senior year and beyond. Thanks for putting up with being photographed! 😉