the cerrato family

Sound the sirens: cute baby alert! Oh my goodness, Rhonan had my full attention the moment I walked into Michaela and Chris’s adorable Omaha home. The magic of seeing a fresh, new family of three getting used to their new normal absolutely never gets old. I’m so excited for these three!

I got to hear a little about Chris and Michaela’s story of how they met, and it is amazing. The circumstances that led to this couple that led to this marriage that led to this sweet new addition are pretty unique and special.

Seriously, he is 100% perfect.

The looks mom and dad were sharing with each other and with Rhonan made me smile from behind the camera. Even sleep-deprived, it’s pretty obvious how much love fills their home.

Oh, hey, Rhonan! Note: newborns don’t really smile…not on purpose, anyway. But Rhonan does!!!

Favorite. He is so tiny, sweet and vulnerable – but absolutely safe and at home in dad’s arms.

If you know Michaela, you have zero doubt that she is going to be an amazing mama. She’s one of the most calm & collected, confident, relaxed, un-rattled new moms I’ve seen – like she’s been doing this whole caring-for-a-human thing for much longer than the few days she had been. A total natural.

Michaela, and Chris, what a pleasure to hang out with you and your brand new guy! You made one heck of a human, and I’m so happy for you!