the schwarz family

Joey and Tawna just happen to live down the street from me. Hey, fun neighbors! Want to know a fun fact? They get to meet their son THIS WEEK!

Say hi to Frankie & Beans! They won an award for funniest/cutest doggie sibling names. Not really, but don’t you think they should?

Speaking of awards for being cute… Joey is rolling his eyes right now reading that. 😀 I am not even sorry!

We took a little walk through the neighborhood with the dogs before heading downtown. It was so much fun to hear about their anticipation of becoming parents. They will be really great at their new gig.

Tawna, you know how they say pregnant women have a glow? This is exactly what they mean!

I love this look they’re sharing. I also love ice cream. So this photo was an instant favorite!

Joey’s idea –> let’s sit here and eat ice cream and this will be the one we’ll hang on the wall. Not a bad idea, Joey. Not bad at all!  Can’t wait to meet the new Mr. Schwarz, you guys! Wishing you the most amazing week as you add a family member to your awesomeness!