seth & elizabeth

Choosing moments to share from this beautiful wedding brought on so much smiling! I adore this couple through and through, and am beyond happy for them as they kick off married life!

Elizabeth’s ability to laugh at anything is something everybody admires about her. It’s like a magnetic quality that draws great people to her. As you’ll see, and if you remember her and Seth’s engagement session), she will have no shortage of laugh-worthy moments with Seth by her side. This is easily my favorite atypical, yet priceless, capture from the day: Elizabeth cracking up with her mom and her twin.

She did a first look with her dad that would make anybody tear up. And seriously, how radiant is this beautiful bride?!?

If you know Seth, you know the great outdoors is a major part of his life. He and Elizabeth have amazing stories about the adventures they’ve been on together that include ice fishing, camping and getting engaged whilst fly fishing. Yes, that’s a salmon wedding ring, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

The way they look at each other is such a sweet mix of adoration, respect and always a sparkle of humor in their eyes.

My favorite!

This day was on the warm side. Like, heat-index-way-over-100 warm! Elizabeth just smiled her way through the whole day, lovely as ever. 🙂

Both Seth and Elizabeth are twins. It’s such a unique part of their story, aand so much fun to see these four together.

The general vibe of the Flowerday siblings. 😉 Shay, you lucky lady, you!

Wedding hack: make your grandpa a groomsman! The best.

The guys were incredibly proud of their custom jacket linings.

As the best part of the day was about to begin, the heat seemed to give up a little ground. There is nothing like seeing all the people you know and love gather to witness this milestone day in your life.

Such a full spectrum of emotions in so little time. 🙂

Yessss! They’re MARRIED!

I caught an awesome glimpse of Elizabeth’s selfless heart for others right after the ceremony. I’m pretty sure she is always thinking of somebody else. It felt like 110 degrees, and there were golf carts to drive people from the ceremony site back to the blessed air conditioning, and somebody asked Elizabeth if she wanted a ride. She quickly shook her head and wanted them to be used for her guests instead. We need more of her in the world!

The most lovely reception greeted them, and it was time to party!

An unmistakeable thread throughout this wedding was the importance of family. Elizabeth & Seth’s roots run deep – like REAL deep with their families and they are so amazingly connected to them. This made for one heck of a set of toasts to this sweet couple.

Elizabeth’s parents, hearing Anne’s toast to Elizabeth.

And then there was Luke’s unforgettable speech including a good ol’ leach story!

Dance time! This dance floor saw nothing but happiness the entire night.

Kids on the dance floor draw me over like a moth to a flame. This girl was having the time of her life!

That concludes the Official Best Day Ever! Seth & Elizabeth, I am so grateful to have witnessed your wedding day and wish you so much happiness and loads of laughter.


Shout out to these fantastic vendors for all their amazing talents!

Hair & Makeup: Ivy Lane Salon Studios
Bride’s Dress: Adorned Bridal
Suits: JoS. A. Banks
Bride’s Rings: Sartor Hamann
Groom’s Ring: SeaLifeStudio by Thomas Tietze
Cake: Mara’s Cakes by Mara Zigurs