nate & lacey


Welcome to the photo abbreviation of one of my most FUN weddings to date. How could it not be? The people involved in this day were enjoying the heck out of it, which made it impossible not to have a blast right along with them. The bride was at the heart of all that joie de vivre, which is no surprise if you know her. Lacey is the kind of girl everyone wants as a best friend. She looked so stunning, Nate was the sweetest groom, and their wedding was worthy of “Best Day Ever” status.17_10_west_02 17_10_west_03 17_10_west_04 17_10_west_05 I can’t tell you how much I love to photograph mothers helping their daughters get ready for the day. As a mom of two girls, it’s just such a beautiful, intimate scene and incredibly special to me. These are the types of wedding day photos that matter for life. 17_10_west_06Also, these, of course. First look love, happiness and elation!17_10_west_07 17_10_west_08 Dang, you two.17_10_west_09 17_10_west_10 Probably my favorite. They are so natural together, so in love, so classic, I can hardly stand it.17_10_west_11 17_10_west_12 17_10_west_13 17_10_west_14 17_10_west_15 They lucked out with a gorgeous Nebraska fall day, in a streak of cold, rainy ones. Pure sunshine. 🙂17_10_west_16 I looooooved their ring bearer and flower girl!!!17_10_west_17 17_10_west_18 And then it was time. In the next two photos, you can see how adoringly Lacey looks at Nate. It’s the cutest. 17_10_west_19 17_10_west_20 17_10_west_21 The ceremony and reception, held in the Jasmine Room at the Grand Manse were both jaw-dropping. Glittery, dramatic and glamorous.17_10_west_22 The brand new Mr. & Mrs.! 17_10_west_23 17_10_west_24 We slipped away for photos with their hilarious and laid-back wedding party during the cocktail hour. Seriously, such a fun group to photograph. 17_10_west_25 Note to photographers: don’t ask the boys to hold the bouquets unless you expect to take this photo. 😉 I always do, and it’s usually their favorite. 😀 😀17_10_west_26 17_10_west_27 17_10_west_28 Time to party! (And eat bacon, duh). Can it be a new rule that wedding receptions serve breakfast food? So, so good. 17_10_west_29 17_10_west_30 17_10_west_31 One of my favorite moments of the day was the choreographed dance Nate & Lacey learned. It was so much fun, and they nailed it. 17_10_west_32 17_10_west_33 17_10_west_34 17_10_west_35 17_10_west_36 17_10_west_37 17_10_west_38 Lacey’s dad was kind of the star of the dance. 🙂17_10_west_39 We snuck outside for a few photos at sunset. Lacey, seeing said sunset, immediately broke into the Circle of Life intro. Like I have said, she’s THE BEST.17_10_west_40 17_10_west_41 17_10_west_42 Congratulations, Nate & Lacey. You guys are gold, and I am so honored to have been a part of your wedding day. I’m even more excited for your future as husband and wife. Blessings and cheers to you!17_10_west_43