aaron & emily


Prepare yourself, oh internet, for the most epic, love-filled, Nebraska-meets-Mad-Men-meets-National-Parks wedding you’ve ever seen! Ok, so it’s probably the only wedding with that theme you’ll ever see, and it’s just so good. Aaron and Emily have a lot going for them, not the least of which are a lot of love, a lot of happiness and a lot of style. All three saturated every second and detail of their day, from the invitations (designed by Emily) to the custom cornhole games (woodworked by Aaron). Also, an unfortunate mishap that occurred before they even got to the venue became one of my favorite wedding stories of all time. More on that later!

Who has adorable twin-niece-and-nephew-flower-girl-ring-bearers? Emily does.

Emily’s mom, Cathy, had the sweetest reactions to her daughter throughout the day. I get it, Cathy! Emily was absolutely dreamy.

I’m going to gush about Emily a bit. 🙂 This girl is incredible at bringing a vision to life! As an art director, her skills were on full display. I still can’t get over how perfectly the various pieces of decor, flowers, attire – even the ceremony itself – were consistently “on brand” and true to her and Aaron’s personalities and relationship.

Their first look was perfect.

Aaron’s pretty fantastic, too. He is up-for-anything, excited-about-everything, and very even-keeled. He matches Emily in talents, and his smile lines were out of control upon seeing his bride. I love that you can practically hear his signature laugh in this photo on the right.

They are an undeniably perfect fit for one another.

At this exact moment, we were informed that the very high percentage chance of rain during the ceremony was completely gone from the weather forecast. Some celebration was required. 😉

Hey, wedding party! You guys are fun.

Ok, you’re really fun!

I loooove this image of Aaron with his brothers.

No offense to any of the other wedding guests, but Emily’s grandpa was my favorite one. Look how dapper he is!

This is about the time I had to hide my teary eyes behind my camera because of how beautiful Cathy’s mama love was. (And I am not a wedding crier!) And on the right…are you still wondering about the “mishap” I mentioned? So here’s the condensed version of the story. Emily was somehow locked INSIDE her hotel room as she was getting ready, thanks to an automatic feature of the door’s deadbolt. After having to convince the hotel staff…Aaron broke down the door with a hammer. Yes, a hammer! A photo was captured of this epic battle between groom and door, and Aaron’s sweet mom had it framed and printed before the first guest showed up, so it could be displayed at the reception. Susan, you’re just the dang best!

She really is the best. In my opinion, moms, it’s more than ok to cry tears of happiness for your son on the day he gets married!

More Emily and Aaron amazingness was on display at the guest book table! National Parks are at the top of the couple’s travel list, so park badges and posters were sprinkled throughout the decor.

Time to get married!

Gus the ringbearer was stealing hearts left and right, and there were plenty of people drying eyes. Aaron & Emily, I hope it’s more than evident to you how much you are loved, and how much joy you bring the people in your lives.

Their ceremony was equal parts sweet words, laughter, and looks that speak volumes.

Married smiles!

This is one of my favorite local wedding venues, for obvious reasons. Country Pines is so gorgeous, laid-back, and fun, just like these guys.

My favorite part of a wedding reception is the time for toasts. I absolutely love hearing what the bride and groom’s closest friends have to say about them. There was more laughing, and more crying. Everything was so personal and meaningful.


The final element of uniqueness was Aaron’s brother and best man Matt auctioning off a set of Aaron’s cornhole boards!

I’m leaving a lot left unsaid about this wonderful day, due to the necessary brevity of the blog format, but Aaron and Emily, you are SUCH special people. It was an absolute honor to celebrate and document your wedding day, and I’m so dang excited about the next chapter of your lives being “the married one”. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Jarzynka!

Thanks to all these amazing vendors who worked their magic to contribute to the best day!

Makeup: SpaDeDa
Bride’s Dress: Blush Bridal
Flowers: i Bloom.
Cake: HyVee