the sova family

I could hang with this family all day long. They feel like close friends and the kids are so stinkin’ fun, not to mention ADORABLE. If they look familiar, yes, they’ve been here on the blog before with all their sweet cousins. I cannot get enough of them!

Beckett, you are handsome as can be, and your eyes are the most amazing color. This guy has serious energy. He knows what he wants, and my favorite thing about him is how he sits back and observes everything that’s going on, like the antics of his big sisters, and then when it’s his moment to shine, his face explodes in cuteness with this sweet grin. I can only imagine how hooked his mama must be on this face!

Gah. The three of them are just too much!

Hey, it’s Kennedy! This girl’s personality grows exponentially each time I see her. And the first time, she was just a teeny toddler. She’s a total ham, and has all those glowingly wonderful middle child traits (ahem…can you tell I’m a middle, too?)!

And then we have this sweet, big-girl, FIRST GRADER. I’m not sure you can find more spunk and beauty tied into a person. Elana just glows and seems about ten years older than she is. I got to hear all about her Kindergarten year and how one of the best parts was that every day at lunch you get to choose between white, strawberry and chocolate milk, and she chose chocolate every day, like a good little girl should. I love the details they get excited about. 🙂 Also, pose on the left was totally her own. Duh.

Tami & Bart, your family = amazing.

Elana lost five teeth this year! Love the gaps in this grown-up smile.

Tami, you are such a beautiful, energetic and FUN mom. I love watching your kids smother you with their love.

It’s my very official opinion that Daddy dog-piles represent the true memories of childhood. I hope they can feel the closeness and joy of this photo when they look at it in thirty years.

Thanks for hanging out with me, Sova fam! You guys fill me up. Please don’t let your kids grow up too much before I see them again!