the fulwider family

Heartstrings, prepare yourselves. I’m so happy to welcome this family back to the blog today. I’ve had the honor of photographing them many times before and I cannot post their photos without retelling that John & Jami were the very first people to ever hire me to photograph them for maternity photos with baby Lillian. Grateful doesn’t even cut it! Much has changed since that first session, most obviously, these three beautiful kids.

My absolute favorite thing about them is their lack of pretense. Fulwider photos are ALWAYS actual, genuine, real-life photos because they are always themselves.

Almost 3 years ago, we did a session in this exact same location, but Lucas wasn’t in the picture (literally) yet! He is a wildman and absolutely adored by his family. He probably learned the wild ways from this spunky lady on the right – Lucille. Her feelings are bigger than her arms in this photo. She’s amazingly honest and attacks life with gusto. She’s fun. 🙂

Let’s be in denial about how grown-up Lillian is, shall we? Ok. My feeling after this session was this: Dang, it’s fun watching kids grow up into the coolest humans. They’re incredible!

The bear is Soggy. He has been at our sessions before. He’s part of the fam!

On the right – Jami doing her thing being a phenomenal mom, and on the left – John being SO John (also phenomenal), much to Lucas’ delight.

Jami’s one request: to recreate THIS photo. Success! Same sweater, even. 😉 I just want to let my eyeballs bounce back and forth between these two for hours.

John & Jami, your patient love is very evident in the family you’re raising and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Cheers to a night of singing Baby Shark and watching love in action. Wonderful to be with you guys as always!