the castro family

Christopher is on the blog! With his wonderful mom and dad of course. This little guy is sweet, silly & has those perfect “melt you” eyes. Both mom and dad are totally into him.

His cute little smirk is just the dang best. Also, Tracy, you’re so pretty! 🙂

I look at this photo and picture what Christopher sees, close up to his parents’ faces like this, having the most wonderful time doing nothing with them. They are his whole world.

Every now and then, Christopher would light up with that mischievous look.

So much love in this photo on the left!

We were just about done with photos and while I grabbed this beautiful pic of mom and dad (always a must)…

…I looked over to see Chris pulling this little move. LOL! What a ham! Tracy & Erick, thank you for sharing your family with me. You guys are the best!