the knudsen family

I hold firmly to the belief that when a session is *nearly-but-not* cancelled for weather, it’s destined to be extra-good. Case in point: this amazing evening with the Knudsens! The whole day had been cold and dang windy, but the sun burst through the parting clouds about fifteen minutes before we nabbed these beautiful photos. My day was so made.

Say hello to Greg, Sarah and their fabulous two children, Christian and Elise! These siblings downright melt your heart. They are storybook sweet with one another and have that childhood energy & zest for life you wish stayed with you in your thirties and beyond. Ha!

Christian. One wildly silly boy with a big heart. I told him about my daughters and he immediately picked each of them a flower.

Look at this fierce beauty go!

Greg and Sarah have created such an intimate, safe, loved space for their kids in the way they relate to them. You can tell their family connection runs deep. How can I tell that from spending an hour with them? When it’s there, it’s just there.

Of course, this is my favorite. Being photographed should be just as fun as any other family night!

My second favorite, because these guys are just so happy.

Hey, cute parents!!!

If your email to me inquiring about family sessions includes “Also, could we bring our dog?”, you are my kind of people! Sarah is a vet and animal lover, and of course, Lady (the fifth family member) needed to be there. Isn’t she beautiful?

Knudsen fam, you have a sweet light about you, and it was the best honor to hang out with you and see what makes your kids laugh and pick dandelions and get your dog’s hair on me. Truly the best!!! ‘Til next time!