the morris family

I get to share another beautiful extended family session with you all today! There was lots and lots to love about this one. You know it’s gonna be good, when you have multiple unexpected road blocks (like literal, actual gates blocking the road) to deal with in the first five minutes of arriving at the session, and everyone is all “Fine! Cool! Whatever!” My kind of people, those Morrises!

First up, David and Lindsey! These dear ones are marked by steadiness and grace. Also, hello, they’re cute. They have become such sweet friends of mine and I couldn’t be more grateful.

This is the true sibling love that exists between Nora and Jonah. It’s sugary and exciting and obviously Nora digs it. 😉 She’s an awesome big sis!

Truth be told, I’ve been dying to photograph this boy and his mesmerizing eyes and faces. Jonah, you’re a little dream baby.

Meet Scott & Katie. They are the sweetest to watch together. You’d think they were newlyweds! Also, isn’t Katie’s smile gorgeous?!

Michael and Karen! You can tell where the go-with-the-flow nature of this family comes from and it’s right here.

We’ll call this one “Dad being Dad.” 🙂 You can tell his boys appreciate it – I love the look Scott is giving his dad.

Miss Nora. She loves the camera (which loves her right back), is eager to carry out whatever silly photo idea I cook up, and bounces along in her own giddy way the whole time. I love time with this one – she is such a joy!

Hands-down fave. I mean, you knew that.

And for this sweet boy, I can’t even find the words. I just want this photo blown up on a wall somewhere so it can make people smile forever. That’s all.

Those sweet kids getting loved on by the entire crew.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Morris family! You are fantastic, and it was such an honor to document you all together. Cheers!