the hunke family

How lucky am I to have gotten to spend another morning with this fun crowd???! Answer: soooo lucky. What a seriously lovely bunch of people! Extended family sessions are special. They are crazy and fast-paced, because, and hands-down the best part is that the images that result are the ones that you truly never ever remember to take yourselves. When was the last time you and your adult siblings took a photo together?

Now this is a cute pile of cousins. 😀

Up first was Tami and Bart’s crew! Elana – Miss Photo Lover! (AYKM with her heart hands? All her…), Kennedy – hiding plenty of attitude behind her quietly sweet exterior, and Beckett – has the most piercing eyes, and NO time for taking photos! Thanks to being super stealthy, we got lots of his adorableness anyway. 🙂

Miles and Tara and their handsome little guy Maximus (above and here on the left). Not only does he have a fantastic name, his cuteness levels are extremely high and he’s so darn smiley.

And if you’ve been around the blog for any amount of time, you recognize these lovelies. Nick & Niki, you’re gonna have to do something about how quickly your sweet girls are growing up. Alyvia is transforming into a teenager I think (with the sweetest heart), and Brooklyn isn’t far behind, though I’m glad to see she is still 100% silly and mischievous.

When the big girls request a particular photo with a particular pose. I am absolutely going to make them recreate this every time I photograph them from this point forward.

We ended our morning with cousin-ring-around-the-rosie 2.0. You can see version 1.0 here from a few years ago. I love how their circle is bigger, has added a few boys, and they all still love it!

Big hugs and high fives to all of you, Hunke fam! Thanks for a fun and memorable morning!