the brown family

There’s so much life in the group of people you see here. So much laughter and enjoyment of simple things and love between each member of the family. SUCH a gorgeous time with them, and they made me feel like part of the fam!

Ruth & Eric with their super-fun, amazing and unique grandchildren. These kiddos are so distinct in their personalities, and did a great job convincing me that they always get along perfectly with their respective brother-sister duos and that the cousins never argue and everything is rainbows. I’m going with it since that’s all I saw.

On the right, these two are celebrating 50 years of marriage this year. Incredible! And on the left we have Andrea & Bronson’s family.

The sibling love here is the sweetest thing. When Alexandra hugged her brother, Elliot’s face lit up with this “aw, shucks”, tender smile. Cuties.

Valerie & Will and their equally adorable offspring. Are you sensing a theme here? Yep, super cute kids in this whole fam. These two just had smiles for days and were up for anything AND taught me super cool facts while I snapped away (particularly big sis Cora). 😉

There are just some families you don’t even have to pose. Pete leaned over to snuggle dad’s knee all on his own, Cora instinctively put her hand on his head and I’m behind my camera asking “is this real life”? Insert a whole row of heart-eye emojis.

Yes, seriously, it’s another beautiful family with practically perfect children. 😉 All I’m saying is I had so much fun this night I want to go do it again. This is Nathan & Catherine, sweet Miriam and spunky Asa.

Asa was just a tad wary of me and my camera, and who should make him feel 100% himself but big sis, of course.

I’m going to take half a second here to hop on a soap box. Family photos = fun. That’s just the way it should be. So it’s incredibly important to let this crazy photo of the cousins happen….

…so that this one can happen (Pete and his wink, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)…

…and this one, too.

The original Brown 5!

Favorite group shot.

Thank you Browns for being incredible humans and hanging with me for a dreamy evening. I hope your bug bites were as worth it as mine. 😉 Much love to every one of you!