lj & emily

This night was calm, beautiful, peaceful, romantic – full of the quiet anticipation of waiting on a baby. Maternity sessions always have this feel, and I LOVE contrasting them with the newborn session that follows. Same people, different ballgame. 🙂 And these two, they’re gonna handle it so wonderfully!
McElravyMaternity_011 McElravyMaternity_023Emily is unbelievably beautiful, and while I’m not sure if she’d agree, I think pregnancy suited her (at least for the time being…). 😉McElravyMaternity_020 McElravyMaternity_030What I love about LJ & Emily is that they have an easy feel to their relationship and a good sense of humor with one another. Both those things are going to serve them well as their family grows. McElravyMaternity_027 McElravyMaternity_032 My favorite of Emily.McElravyMaternity_035 And a little non-traditional, but I think this is my favorite of them together. A little party of three, about to change everything! Can’t wait to meet this nugget!McElravyMaternity_043