nate & lacey


I had the heart-eye emoji face the entire time I was together with these cuties for their engagement session (not to mention all through editing the images)! I simply love these two. They have a fantastic sense of humor, appreciate the important things in life like Husker football and breakfast food, and the way they look at one another is full of so much love, beauty and respect I can hardly take it. If you even have to ask if I’m excited about their upcoming wedding, well…you can just go now. 🙂
17_06_west_01 This image on the left is what I’m calling Lacey’s smolder (woah, lady!), and the one on the right was the very first image I took all night. Also a favorite!17_06_west_02 We began on campus at the stadium, because these guys have Husker love running in their veins. I mean, Bob Devaney was at Lacey’s parents wedding! What!!?17_06_west_03 We also got all fancy and strolled around downtown. 🙂 17_06_west_05 17_06_west_06 In front of the building where they met…
17_06_west_07 17_06_west_08 They honestly give each other the sweetest looks. 17_06_west_09 Gilbert! Their pup joined us near the end of our session, and was such a good boy. He also got to ride in a cop car, but that’s another story. 😉 Hey, I like to keep it interesting!17_06_west_10 17_06_west_11 Nate & Lacey, you’re truly perfect for one another. I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you in just a few short months!17_06_west_12