heath & brittany


Heath & Brittany! Heath & Brittany!!!! I’ve been dying to get this session blogged so the world can see this fun duo in all their glory. I’ve noticed these two have this gift for setting the energy level perfectly at a chilled out happy hour vibe. They are so comfortable in their skin, genuine, and unapologetically themselves – they radiate happiness. Full disclosure: I’m doing a victory dance in my seat right now, because I think these images articulate that feeling. So go on and scroll and feel all the feels.
Nebraska, you’re pretty great, too.
17_05_foster_1317_05_foster_01 17_05_foster_02 My favorite thing about them is how they’re both easy going most of the time, except for when they explode with laughter. Here’s Brittany doing just that.17_05_foster_03 17_05_foster_04 This one on the left gives me heart eyes. Brittany, you’re a knockout.17_05_foster_05 17_05_foster_06 17_05_foster_07 My very fave on the left. Frame this, please. I might have to frame it, too. 😉17_05_foster_08 Thought the session couldn’t get any better, then Grace Kelly joined us! This little miss was the perfect pup for portraits. That’s a lot of p’s.17_05_foster_09 17_05_foster_10 Thank you, Brittany and Heath (and Grace), for being the very best. I loved every second of photographing your love!