brad & elise


My heart is filled with so much joy when I think about how Brad and Elise were brought together, how wonderfully they complement one another, and how well they were celebrated at their wedding. If you want a primer of their beautiful relationship and natural ease together, go check out their engagement session first! 😉 They were wed on the loveliest October day in Norfolk, Nebraska.
16_11_henke_01 16_11_henke_02 16_11_henke_03 Here’s our stunning bride with her gorgeous momma, and you can tell where she gets her amazingly warm smile. I feel like they both smile with their hearts.16_11_henke_04 16_11_henke_05 Bridesmaid squad. What a lovely crew!16_11_henke_06 I really appreciated Brad’s vibe the whole day. He’s patient, gracious and kind, and he was so obviously full of thankfulness to be marrying Elise. How could anyone not catch the contagious joy that day!?16_11_henke_07 16_11_henke_08 I’ve had the privilege of witnessing many grooms’ reactions to their brides on their wedding days, and none has compared to this. It was the most beautiful moment, so full of goodness.16_11_henke_0916_11_henke_1116_11_henke_10 16_11_henke_1216_11_henke_1416_11_henke_16We cruised through these photos in an effort to stay on schedule, and the entire wedding party was so fantastic! (And gorgeous!)16_11_henke_15Special groomsmen request! 😀16_11_henke_17 16_11_henke_1316_11_henke_18 16_11_henke_19 And then it was time to get married! Elise was surrounded by so many incredible women who prayed for her and Brad and their marriage.16_11_henke_20 This is just one image in hundreds from the day, but the significance of this moment was great. Elise’s dad was able to walk her down the aisle against the odds after surviving a grim cancer battle years ago. Their relationship is beautiful, deeply rooted in faith, and I’m getting emotional just writing about it! Love this look between them.16_11_henke_21 16_11_henke_22 16_11_henke_23 16_11_henke_24 16_11_henke_25 16_11_henke_26 16_11_henke_27 Married!!! And leaves! 16_11_henke_28 16_11_henke_30This is one of my very favorites from the whole day. Everyone should be this happy on their wedding day.16_11_henke_3216_11_henke_29 16_11_henke_3116_11_henke_33 16_11_henke_34 16_11_henke_35 16_11_henke_36 16_11_henke_37 16_11_henke_38 16_11_henke_39 The reception had such an intimate feel, but the party got started w
ith Brad’s dance with his mom. They pulled out the cowboy hats and whirled around the dance floor to Cotton-Eyed Joe, and invited everyone to join and kick off the dance party. They had such a blast!16_11_henke_40 16_11_henke_41 16_11_henke_42 16_11_henke_43 16_11_henke_44 16_11_henke_4616_11_henke_45
This was the most wonderful day – thank you SO SO VERY MUCH, Brad and Elise for inviting me to be a part of it. I love your relationship so much and was so happy to celebrate your marriage with you. Here’s to an incredible first year and beyond as Mr. & Mrs. Henke!