the hundt family

Just look at this SUPER cute family!!!!! Ahh! Sweet Mackenzie stole my heart during our afternoon together. She is as sweet as they come. Her parents aren’t too shabby either – check out her gorgeous, glowing mama Megan and proud daddy Craig. I can’t get enough of these three – soon to be four!
11_15_hundt_01 Mackenzie on the run!11_15_hundt_02 11_15_hundt_03 Megan, your hair + your smile = such beautiful perfection. You are so stunning.11_15_hundt_04 My favorite.11_15_hundt_05 11_15_hundt_06 11_15_hundt_07 11_15_hundt_08 How could you ever say no to her? Heart melt. 🙂
11_15_hundt_09 11_15_hundt_11 11_15_hundt_12 You guys are awesome – so patient and engaged with your girl, who clearly adores you both to the moon and back. I can’t wait to see you with two! Thank you for trusting me with capturing the real, everyday love in your family. It was such a treat!