andrew & megan


Ahhhh, this wedding! I had no doubt when I met Megan that this day would be beautifully planned and chock full of high-class glam. It did not disappoint in the least! Megan and Andrew got married in a flurry of excitement on a very hot August day with a ridiculous amount of love and charm. What a joy to witness days like these. 🙂
15_08_rudd_01 15_08_rudd_0215_08_rudd_03 So, Megan’s dress kind of deserves its own introduction. Wow! It’s one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever seen. 15_08_rudd_04 The beautiful bride. Megan, you are stunning, and I hope you felt every bit as gorgeous as you looked that day.15_08_rudd_05 15_08_rudd_06 These girls were the definition of glamorous. What a bunch of beauties!15_08_rudd_07 I walked in to meet Andrew and the first question I get is “Do you know how to tie a bowtie?” Ha! Noooot really, but I can sure follow a YouTube video. 😉 Add that to my list of wedding skills. The brothers did some fine-tuning, making this quite the group effort. Lookin’ good, Andrew!15_08_rudd_08 That’s the look of a happy groom right there, and I have no doubt as to why.
15_08_rudd_09 15_08_rudd_10 15_08_rudd_11 15_08_rudd_12 15_08_rudd_13 15_08_rudd_14 Time to get married!!15_08_rudd_15 15_08_rudd_16 15_08_rudd_17 15_08_rudd_18 15_08_rudd_19 15_08_rudd_20 15_08_rudd_21 15_08_rudd_22 Parking garage for the win! Gosh, I love fun wedding parties. They make the day so amazing! Megan and Andrew are surrounded by fantastic friends and family, and they made sure to bring the party. 15_08_rudd_23 15_08_rudd_24 15_08_rudd_2815_08_rudd_2615_08_rudd_2915_08_rudd_25 I told them when I took this it was going to be one of my favorite images of the day. Yep. 🙂15_08_rudd_3015_08_rudd_27 We headed to the reception, which was held on Megan and Andrew’s property south of town in a building they BUILT THEMSELVES. Talk about setting the bar high with a custom reception venue! They ended up tight on time to get it finished but you hardly noticed. It looked amazing. 15_08_rudd_31 15_08_rudd_32 15_08_rudd_33 15_08_rudd_34 15_08_rudd_35 15_08_rudd_36 15_08_rudd_37 15_08_rudd_38 15_08_rudd_39 15_08_rudd_40 15_08_rudd_41 15_08_rudd_42 Ok, this dance got insane right away. I’m not talking about the dance floor being invaded by crazy groomsmen who’ve had a few drinks. No, it was a mass of preteen girls having the time of their lives and the DJ totally catered to them. It was the next best thing to a Taylor Swift concert…I think… 🙂15_08_rudd_43 15_08_rudd_44 See what I mean? Congratulations, Megan and Andrew. It was such an honor to be part of this incredible day and I wish you guys nothing but the best. 15_08_rudd_45

Hair: Jessi Rustermier, Reve Salon
Make up: Natalie Bartling, Kiss and Makeup
Brides Dress: Allure,  Ellynne Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses: Adrianna Papell
Tuxedos: Tip Top Tux
Cake: Nidia Morales, formerly The Jerusalem Bakery
Band: Aaron Stroessner (guitar), Mitch Benson (bass), Taylor Cobb (trumpet)