the schmidt family

Say hello to little baby Hadley! Every newborn session feels special and sacred right now. All masked up and sanitized and distanced and not touching anything, I actually go into people’s houses – something that’s become rare and unsanctioned. Seeing these perfect babies has been one of the best parts of my whole year. Hadley took my breath away! She is utterly perfect and beautiful.

I love watching brand new parents admire and adore their babes. Hadley is well-loved already!

She also happens to have a super cute nursery. Well done, Mallory!

All through photos, sweet Hadley just hung out, completely quiet and chill. She clearly belongs to her relaxed, go-with-the-flow parents. 🙂

Congratulations, Schmidt family! I’m so happy for you to be together with your girl, and I wish you a nice long winter cuddled up with her. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing her with me for a morning!