the hassler family

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with the Hasslers, you know that you leave that time with a totally full heart. Chris and Zeljka are as real as it gets, and the boys are always highly entertaining with their one-of-a-kind antics. I love them big time!

Making mama laugh is their specialty!

Sam. The most loyal blog-followers will remember this practically grown man as the adorable tiny baby with the expressive eyes from one of my first ever family sessions. He is just as intriguing as always. This smile of his on the right is so very him, and I hope he never grows too old or too cool to snuggle up with his mom.

Eli. Never has there been so much mischief in one person’s brain. He loves to have fun, keeps Sam on his toes, and produces plenty of eye-rolls from the whole fam, but he’s as sweet as they come.

See? Such a goof!

This last one makes my heart want to explode! Zeljka and Chris, your family is solid gold. Thank you for being unapologetically you. I’m beyond grateful to know you and get to record all the goodness you have going on right now!