the singsank family

welcome benjamin!

This fun-charged family is one more member strong and I am so happy for them. The new world of siblings has officially begun. Woohoo! Benjamin is the new cutie and he is incredibly awesome.

Big sister Val is making his welcome a very exciting one. Guys, she has big sister in her genes, and she’s so far killing it with her new title.

Proud parents.

Her mama said Val was very interested in all Ben’s “parts” so we counted them and she pointed out all her discoveries to me with so much enthusiasm. She’s going to be keeping careful watch over this little guy his whole life.

So far Benjamin’s a pretty chill dude and the spitting image of big sister (and dad). 🙂

I love this so much. I hope Ben gets to see it when he grows up and see how ridiculously loved he is.

Val, you just keep bringing the wild to your house, okay?

These last two images are special ones. Clyde has been a part of all three sessions I’ve had the pleasure of doing with these guys. He made just a brief appearance for this one, but I loved it. He is just the most handsome fur boy.

In this last one, I see a clear throwback to Miss Val’s newborn photos. Their snoozing faces are identical! It was an absolute treat to spend time with you, Singsanks! Congratulations again on baby Ben!