the steuben family

welcome milo!

On behalf of the world, darling Milo, I’d like to say we’re all very, very glad you’re here! I can’t believe I got to meet you, and I’m awfully glad about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Milo was welcomed by his two awesome parents and a sweet fur brother Roscoe, and they are all three enjoying him to the max. His daddy Joel was just so amused by all his little details, quirks and movements and has a great sense of humor about this new phase of life. I LOVE watching people become parents, just about as much as I love getting to see babies in their first few days.

Roscoe! What a great dog. He’s soooooo into baby Milo, too.

My favorite of baby boy!

Erin, you are one seriously beautiful new mama! I am obsessed with your gaze locked on Milo’s – you can tell after only a few days how deeply you’re bonded together. It’s the sweetest.

Roscoe barely needed a glance in his direction to be considered an invitation to hop up on the bed and pose front and center. Lookin’ good, bud.

Milo had been on high alert throughout our session, checking out everything going on, and mostly keeping his little eyes locked on his mom’s face, but he finally drifted to sleep.

It was such a pleasure to meet your sweet family, Joel & Erin! I hope this pandemic provides you three with the most unhurried, precious time together as you navigate all sorts of firsts this year. Thanks so much for sharing Milo with me for a bit!